“Denial” is a film about grief. A young man, Gabriel, has to face up to the truth that he was partially responsible for his girlfriends death, his influence of drug taking lead her to overdose. Gabriel refuses to accept and process this death.

It is a film based on this united experience of death and the pain of loss that coincides. My aim was to show not everyone will process death in the same way, yet similar emotions will be felt such as disbelief, numbness, sadness, anger, and many more. I wanted to express the extreme side of loss, and the denial of death. In extreme cases, this can be referred to as dissociative identity disorder, or DID, where a person may feel the emotions from losing someone are far too strong, so they create an imagination of this person, so they don’t have to deal with the pain of loss.

Within this film I focused on research, particularly secondary research, taking inspiration from case studies and films that focus on similar issues. This is demonstrated in my Video Essay.